Mortgage Protection Leads

For people wanting to protect their mortgage by purchasing Term Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection Leads target individuals who have just purchased a new home or recently refinanced. Criteria includes: Mortgage Amount, New and Refinance, Type of Mortgage (FHA, VA, conventional or all), and Lender Name.

Our Mortgage Protection Leads also offer additional opportunities to discuss Estate Planning products.

ARM offers several proven Mortgage Protection Lead Programs that garner a national response rate range of 0.7% to 1.32%. Each program is designed to generate interest in protecting the value of your home in case of death. We have a couple new and interesting programs that may not have a national response rate yet, give us a call.

ARM is able to use the freshest, most deliverable list data available, as we run a new list with each order that is verified against the US Postal Service Records for address accuracy; we do not reuse lists.

Samples: Available for Preview.
To view a sampling of our latest lead programs, please request a User Login from the left menu bar.

Ordering: Made Simple.
Call one of our friendly customer service representatives at (800) 992-2722. You may start receiving leads as soon as three (3) weeks after placing your order. Don't skip a beat — to continue your flow of leads, consider placing your next order within four (4) weeks after your previous order.

Lead Delivery: Giving You a Quick Turn-Around Digitally.
Once we receive your leads, they will be accessible by internet within hours. We process promptly and accurately. And we notify you via email when your leads arrive: easy, quick and you can see your leads real-time. Of course, if you would like hard copies of your leads — we can make these available to you.

Exclusivity: Your Leads Are Yours.
Each prospect reply to your campaign is yours and ONLY YOURS! We do not recycle leads and will NEVER, NEVER sell your leads to someone else.

Pricing: Cost-Effective Turn-Key Programs.
Please call one of our friendly staff, so we may offer you the most effective program and demographics for your areas and match you to your budgetary needs.


Lou, Thanks for all your help! Jennifer does an outstanding job for my business. She is "top flight"!!   – T.K.

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